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Chicken Adult Cat


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Chicken Meat Adult Cat Food 15Kg Good for your cat’s blood circulation, muscle and skin, and has a role in the development of the amino acids and proteins. Aids in a healthy heart and has the best mineral and vitamin additives agents in terms of eyesight. Easily digestible, grain shape and size is designed to protect the health of your cat’s teeth.  Omega 3 and Omega 6 strengthens immune system and disease defense. This small and easily digestible grain helps feed your cat without difficulty. The nutrient Content: Crude Protein: 27 Crude Oil: 10 Crude Fiber: 2.5 Crude Ash: 8 humidity: 10 Copper Sulphate: 17 mg/kg Phosphorus: 1.0 Calcium: 1.5 Vit.A: 15.000 IU Vit.C: 120 mg/kg for Vit.D: 1.000 IU Vit.E

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