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VEVOR Cat Exercise Wheel Natural Wood Silent Running Treadmill. Roller Wheel with Detachable Carpet.


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Material: Wood

Type: cats

Brand: VEVOR

Type: Cat Exercise Wheel

Model: S 

Size: 29.5"  



Comfort and Safe Cat Exercise Wheel

This cat exercise wheel is crafted from solid wood, ensuring its durability. With a spacious 12.6-inch wide base, it provides your cat a stable area to exercise. The unique 0.2"/6 mm gap design ensures safety, allowing your feline companion to run freely on the wheel.

Featuring a silent wheel and noise-reducing holes, our cat wheel can reduce noise by 10-20%, creating a peaceful and enjoyable exercise environment for your pet. This allows you to coexist harmoniously with your pet and family.

The spacious inner diameter provides your furry cat with ample room for free and comfortable movement, suitable for cats of all sizes. Whether big or small, they can all easily use it to run and play.

The detachable inner mat makes cleaning a breeze. You can easily remove and clean or replace the inner mat. Pre-installed cat running wheel and expansion screws make installation simpler and more secure, providing you with added convenience.

This isn't just a cat exercise wheel; it's also a cozy cat bed. You can place soft cushions, blankets, or mattresses on the wheel, making it a comfortable cat home.

Features & Details

  • Built to Last and Secure: This cat exercise wheel is made from solid multi-layer wood (birch and poplar) with a 0.5"/12 mm thickness and an ultra-narrow 0.2" gap to prevent paw injuries. The widened base and running track deliver added stability. It offers many health advantages to cats, such as mitigating obesity risks and enhancing joint flexibility, ensuring their contentment.

  • Tranquil and Noise Reduction: Equipped with an integrated silent wheel and a bottom noise-reduction, this double noise reduction design creates a quiet and pleasant exercising environment for your pets, while also improving the indoor atmosphere.

  • Suitable for All Cat Sizes: With an external diameter of 29.5 in/750 mm and an internal diameter of 25.6 in/650 mm, this cat wheel accommodates cats of all sizes, supporting feline friends up to 8 lbs. It allows your cats to stretch and roam freely, enabling them to release their energy to the fullest.

  • User-Friendly Design: Easy installation with pre-installed expansion screws and wheel, saving you valuable time. Included accessories like gloves, a screwdriver, and a cat teaser add extra convenience. This cat treadmill is a breeze to clean with a non-scratch detachable looped mat, easily spot-cleanable with a cloth or sponge.

  • Versatile Cat Wheel: Featuring a locking mechanism to keep it steady, this cat running wheel is adaptable for interactive cat play, as a cat resting place, and as a furniture piece. It can be set to a stationary mode for cats running and spinning, allowing them to climb and take a nap. Cats can also frolic, chase, and keep themselves entertained!





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